What to do if you cannot see the video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?

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Video Not Seen on TV from the Roku

Through the internet, Roku lets you watch video content both free and paid on your TV. The device is loaded with some premium services such as Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, and much more. Some of these app services are offered a day after the content has been aired and others are pre-recorded like Hulu. But there are also services that offer live services, like Sling TV. Satellite and cable TV viewing is highly enhanced with the help of the Roku streaming device especially when its adds a fountain of on-demand content. The need for cable TV is eliminated when you couple it with a TV antenna.

What to do if you cannot see video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?

Cannot see the video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?

About the devices

Periodically, Roku releases refreshed devices into the market with upgraded functionalities. Some of the recent devices offer HDR or high dynamic range videos on compatible televisions. The picture quality increases in brightness and color with HDR and 4K.

Check Below If you cannot see video from Roku Streaming player on your TV?


While Roku devices do not really spell trouble, users could face issues where they are unable to see videos on the Roku TV through the player. For such issues, you just have to accomplish some troubleshooting steps to alleviate them.


Check the Roku player’s connectivity, if it is directly attached to the TV. If you have connected the device through a sound bar or AVR, then you may want disconnect it and try appending it directly to the TV to see if the video comes on. Also ensure to remove the Roku device from its screensaver or standby mode.


Some of the reasons why you cannot see video on the Roku player are as follows.


One of the most common mistakes during setup is choosing the wrong input or source on the TV. Overall, the appliance provides the convenience of attaching several other devices from the many video inputs it carries either on its side or the back of the TV. For the choice of the right input, you must see the labelling against the input such as HDMI1, AUX, HDMI2, AUX, etc., so that you can toggle to the correct one. It is also advised to go through the instructions of your television manual to execute this step. Choose the right go.roku.com/selectinput and then press the Enter or Select using the TV’s remote when you see a menu. Allow the TV to detect the video.

Video cable

When the cable is faulty or when the video cable is not connected firmly, then you will not be able to visualize any video on your television. Make sure that your Roku Streaming Stick connected securely to the HDMI connector or port on the TV. If you are using a composite connector, then you may want to revisit the type of connectivity that you are using.

TV problems

When you have already tried all other options then the fault could finally, lie in the television. In such a case, if possible check the player’s functionality on another television set.

If nothing else works, then simply reboot the device by dislodging the power cables.

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