What To Do If You Cannot Stream Netflix 4K Content?

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Netflix is one of the first online streaming services for movies and TV shows to ever exist and it’s also the most popular and common online streaming service that almost everyone recognizes immediately. It’s been available since 1997 in the UnitedStates of AmericaNow it is available in almost every country with its regional entertainment content.

You may know these hit shows like Black mirror, 13 reasons why, House of cards, The Punisher and so on. They all are Netflix original series. If you are a person who wants to see new quality contents, this is the place to be.

In Store For You

In the past, Netflix had been streaming external content that was not their own and it included almost all of the TV shows and movies that existed. Although, lately, they are more into ‘making and producing’ their own TV shows and movies.

They are named as the Netflix Originals. These are the content you cannot get anywhere but on Netflix. They are even producing anime which is exciting news for Otakus. Netflix is now offering their contents on UHD(Ultra High Definition). It is generally mentioned as 4K quality.

4K on Netflix

Let’s say that you are subscribed to Netflix and you own an account. When you watch a video on Netflix and you feel like the quality of the video is not as high as you want it to be. To change the resolution of the video you need to follow these steps

  • Click on the settings on the toolbar
  • Then, click on Quality next
  • You will be prompted with resolution choices of 240p (low), 420p (medium) and 720p or 1080p (high)
  • Click on the resolution you need
  • Now the video quality will improve

What to do if you Cannot Stream Netflix 4K Content?

Cannot Stream Netflix 4k Content

Cannot Stream Netflix 4k Content

If you are wondering what to do if you cannot stream Netflix 4K content?, here is the catch, you can’t get the UHD streaming for the normal package.

For a higher priced package you will get access to 4K content. Not to worry, the difference in price is not much and is very affordable. To give you a rough idea of the data used in each resolution at your normal 60FPS setting, there will be certain aspects. Some of them are around the time which we spend.

These limits are:

  1. 480puses around 0.7MB per hour
  2. 720p uses around 1.6GB per hour
  3. 1080p uses around 3GB per hour
  4. 4K uses around 7GB per hour

How To Solve This?

If you do have 4K account and are still not able to see good quality videos try performing some of the steps that are provided below.

  • Check if the screen you are watching on supports 4K and runs on 60Hz
  • Check to see if the internet speed is above 10Mbps (If not, streaming 4K is impossible)
  • Otherwise, go to the playback settings and set your Quality as high

If you want more troubleshooting tips, call our experts through the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code site.