Why Does the Roku Mobile App Not See My Roku Streaming Device

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Troubleshoot Cant see my Roku player on Roku Mobile App

Roku Mobile App

Absolutely the list of on-demand streaming service providers can’t be made without Roku. Roku always engages their customers not only with the entertainment choices but embracing the latest trends also. By incorporating miscellaneous features to their device, users are getting a smooth interface with very great comfort.

To avail this Roku mobile app, the first step you have to do is connecting your Roku streaming player by selecting the device name in the mobile app. You should scan the available streaming devices in the discovery screen. But in some rare cases, the user is not supposed to get his player name on the mobile and thereby, the next step cannot be carried out without connecting.

Here we provide you some easy suggestions to resolve this trouble “Cant See My Roku Player on Roku Mobile App”

Cant See My Roku Player on Roku Mobile App

Cant See My Roku Player on Roku Mobile App

Initial Check

Before looking out for other issues, first, check your Roku menu using the remote

  • In your Roku remote, press the home button
  • Go to the settings menu->System->Advanced system settings
  • Under the advanced system settings, click the ‘external control’ and then, ‘network access’ option
  • To use your Roku mobile app, ensure that you have selected either of the options ‘Default’ / ‘permissive

Other Miscellaneous Causes for the Trouble

If you have enabled the network access in the menu, but still not receiving the device name in the discovery screen, then you may have any of the following reasons for the trouble

Mobile and Roku Streaming Player are Not Connected Under the Same Internet Network

It is a must step, that you should connect your mobile and Roku to the same internet network. Some users may switch on their mobile data and then, try to connect with the streaming player. Surely this gonna end in failure.

Roku Player Accessing the Public IP Address

  • Access the settings and then, click the ‘about’ option under the network
  • You can find your IP address is inside the private range or not
  • Contact the respective ISP or install the router to manage these IP address issue

Mobile Connected to VPN

Ensure you have ‘not’ connected your mobile to any VPN (Virtual Private Network)

AP Isolation

If the AP (Access Point) is enabled in your router, then probably AP isolation hampers devices to connect with the internet network.

If you are still unable to get your device name, then follow the below steps,

  • Try to manually connect your Roku device to the mobile
  • Restart the streaming player
  • Reinstall the Roku mobile app in your mobile
  • Ensure you have selected the right network name in your mobile

Still not resolved? Talk to our expert team by the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code and then, get voice assistance instantly.