Why Channels No Longer Available on Roku Player?

January 7, 2019 By 0 Comments

Reach out to Roku’s channel store to play content on the player or even on the Roku TV. For most of the channels, you must have a satellite or cable provider’s code, which has to then be synced with your account on Roku. If you are unable to find a channel that previously existed in the channel store, then it could mean that the channels no longer available on Roku.

If you think that you are unable to play a particular content that has been purchased by you on the channel, then you may want to contact the channel provider to see if there are any broadcast issues.

Reasons Why a Channels No Longer Available on Roku

channels no longer available on Roku

channels no longer available on Roku

  • While Roku does not compromise on entertainment experience, at times, these channels are removed for varied reasons by the providers. This is, generally done, at their own request.
  • Another reason for channel unavailability could be when there is marked violation of Roku’s terms and conditions. The company views unlawful activity and piracy rather seriously. And when it finds a channel transgressing these norms, they make it a point to remove the app.

Find Similar Content

There are tons of video content available on the Roku, for the viewers. Choose from a range of categories such as Comedy, Education, Featured, Most Watched, Top Free channels, Religious, Science & Tech, Film & TV, News & weather, Music, Sports, Lifestyle and much more. The list is endless.


  • At times, the non-availability of a channel is confused with its channel playback issues. If you are having problems trying to stream channels, then first, refer to the Roku guide for troubleshooting steps.
  • Again, most of your issues are fixed the moment you reboot your player, router and other related devices
  • Resolve network congestion, and other signal jamming issues by calling your ISP

Other Similar Channels

There are several private or hidden channels available on the Roku that you can download for unique experiences. But these channels are non-certified because, most of the time, they are in their testing or beta stages. You won’t find them listed in the channel store like the others. Also, these apps cannot be added directly. There is an activation or access code required to accomplish installation.

  • First, go to roku.com and click on SIGN IN after entering your account credentials
  • Thereafter right under MANAGE ACCOUNT, you will find an option called ADD CHANNEL WITH A CODE
  • Click on it and another ADD CHANNEL screen pops-up
  • Here, you have to enter the relevant CHANNEL ACCESS CODE and then click on the ADD CHANNEL button for your request to be processed
  • A warning message appears; to continue just click on OK to approve your choice
  • Once again a screen appears with the relevant channel name and the YES, ADD CHANNEL choice against it
  • Click on it for adding the app
  • Generally, the channel takes about 24 hrs to appear on the home screen
  • To visualize it immediately, go the CHECK NOW option from under SYSTEM UPDATE

Check with our agents @ +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku error code if you wish to know why you are unable to see a particular channel.