What To Do If You Can’t Connect To The Home Network Or The Internet?

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Fix “Can’t Connect To Internet” Issue on Roku

As an online streaming service device, Roku brings a range of entertainment into your media center both free and paid. To get these channels or apps on to the player, you have to first install, set it up and then activate it. The Roku works with high-speed internet and an HDMI port connectivity. While that might be the case, users generally, are unable to connect to the Wi-Fi or can’t connect to internet, because they might have missed a step in the setup process or they just don’t have a strong internet connection. Issues could be related to the router or very rarely, to the Roku player as well.

Can't Connect To Internet

Can’t Connect To Internet

In the event that you are unable to connect to the home network, you can do the following.


There are cases where the Roku is unable to establish a connection with the router. The cause of this can be surmised as follows:

  • Incorrect password entry
  • Wrong network selection
  • Device out of network range
  • Low network strength
  • Outdated wireless router

Fixing Router Issues

  • To fix the issue you have to first, restart the router, along with the TV and the player.
  • This time ensure you enter the correct passkey
  • Go to the go.roku.com/wireless section of your router login and then click on PASSWORD LOOKUP. Here, you can verify your password
  • When you are setting up the Roku again, make sure you are selecting the correct network name

Note: You can also call our agents to know if the current router that you possess indeed supports the Roku

  • If your router is more than five years old, then it is likely not compatible with the streaming device
  • Connect the cable to the router and the Roku through the appropriate LAN port
  • Proceed with setting up the device once again

Factory Settings

This is also one of the best ways to alleviate stubborn errors on the Roku. When nothing else seems to work revert the Roku device back to its Default Factory Settings.

  • First, get the Roku device and the TV connected to each other
  • Thereafter, from the Roku’s HOME page go down to the SETTINGS and press OK
  • Under this option, you will visualize the FACTORY SETTINGS option, click on it and then select OK to confirm your selection
  • You will be asked to enter a code on the virtual keypad to reset the device to its original position
  • Use the arrow keys and OK button on the Roku remote to do the needful
  • Resetting involves a complete reboot and removal of all the earlier commands and so takes some time
  • After that is done, restart all of your devices

More Error Codes

Other error codes and messages associated with the Roku device and its connectivity are Roku Error Code 009, Roku Error Code 014 and Roku Error Code 017. All of these inaccuracies are related to non-connectivity and limited signal strength on the Roku. You can adjust the distance between the devices or simply try powering off and restarting the gadgets once again.

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