“HDCP Error Detected” Message Or A Purple Screen – What Should I Do

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Fix HDCP Error Detected Or A Purple Screen Issue on Roku

Roku error codes are normal in the Roku device usage and HDCP error is also a common one among the users. When this error happens, the display will turn into purple color. This may happen when the Roku streaming player detects the mismatching of HDMI link with the TV. HDCP error will arise in the name of Roku error code 020 on your Roku device.

What is HDCP?

For streaming media content protection between the display and the content source, this High band-width Digital Copy Protection (HDCP) is used. In the earlier days, VHS tapes were used to prevent piracy and with the development of internet technology, this copy protection has now turned out into HDCP. It is used on all the digital devices with HDMI connections such as Blu-ray, cable boxes and all other streaming services. This HDCP also got a newer version of HDCP 2.2 with 4K and 4K HDR streaming contents.

Steps to Resolve HDCP Error Detected on Roku

Follow the below steps to resolve the HDCP error detected on your Roku device.

HDCP Error Detected

HDCP Error Detected

  • If you have purchased the 4K Ultra HD content for your Roku device and getting the purple screen error, please refer the instructions given in ‘setting up Roku player for 4K’.
  • Remove both the ends of the HDMI cable from your TV and Roku device. Turn off the devices and unplug the power cord from the power outlet and Roku player.
  • Now, again connect the HDMI cable between the Roku device and TV with a firm and secure connection. Similarly, reconnect the power cord with the Roku player and TV. Try to activate the device from the beginning steps again.

Spotting Out the Flaws

  • It is much better to try out the connection with another HDMI cable. Mostly this error arises because of faults in the HDMI inputs.
  • Make sure you are using the HDMI cable without any defects, provided in the Roku package only.
  • If you have HDMI switch or AVR, just connect the player straightaway with the TV.
  • Alter the display settings on your Roku device by clicking the ‘Display type’ under the settings option.
  • Check out the internet network connection also, and place the device closer towards the router or any other internet source.
  • If all the above-mentioned suggestions didn’t work, check your device working with another TV. This step helps to identify whether the trouble is with the Roku player or TV device.
  • And also, don’t prefer computer monitor for the display, use only HDMI supported TV for the Roku device connection.
  • Check whether your TV or AVR supports the HDCP or not by viewing the TV specifications.

For furthermore queries and assistance on resolving the HDCP error for the Roku device, reach us by the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code.