Simple Methods To Fix Roku Low Power Warning Issue –

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Low Power Warning On Roku –

Low power warnings on Roku devices come with some really simple troubleshooting steps. Roku’s streaming players use the USB-powered connections from the TV. Most of the streaming sticks work this way, while the set top boxes utilize power cables and sometimes, USB connections as well. When a player is powered by the TV, generally, disruptions are inevitable due to electrical insufficiencies. It also means that the device functions best when connected to a power outlet on the wall with a proper power cord. While the device does appear as if it is running, the display is unstable, and the behavior of the player is nothing short of unpredictable.

Flashing Red Light

A small light in front of the unit indicates whether power is adequately being supplied to the Roku. When operations are normal, the light seems white in color. Although, the small light does flash when you press buttons on the remote. But when the device receives insufficient power, the light flashes RED.

Roku Low Power Warning Issue

Roku Low Power Warning Issue

  • Roku low power” warning is displayed on the screen when the power supply is inadequate
  • Other messages may also indicate that the TV USB power supply is insufficient

Red Light is Solid Not Flashing

  • A solid red light indicates that the device is overheating. Remove the player from its power socket immediately and let it cool down.
  • An on-screen warning message appears indicating that the device is overheating

Note: To cool down the player avoid placing it inside cabinets and cupboards. Do not keep them close to other electronic devices emitting heat as well. Thereafter, wait for about 10 minutes and over to cool the device down and then re-plug it.

Troubleshoot Tip For Solving Roku Low Power Warning Issue(


  • Check if the USB cable that you are using is the one that came with the player
  • If it is not, then change it
  • It is always advised to use recommended wires and cabling for the Roku

USB Port

  • Sometimes, the USB port to which the device is connected could possess different power characteristics
  • In such cases, try inserting the HDMI or the streaming stick into another port

Power Outlet

  • Use the enclosed power cord or the power adapter to connect the player directly into a wall outlet
  • Another added advantage to this action is that the Roku does not have to power-up each time you turn the TV on
  • The device also performs faster with the power cord and adapter receiving full power from the outlet

Safety and Precautions for the Roku Device

Even as Roku devices are designed with the highest degree of protection, here are some safety tips you can observe.

  • Check all instructions for setup of the hardware, before you commence configuring the player
  • Examine the AC power adapter for any damage periodically. You may also want to disconnect the device immediately if you notice any impairment to the adapter.
  • Avoid shock and fire hazards by keeping the Roku away from heat-emitting situations such as direct sunlight, fire, etc.

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