Fix Roku Remote Not Working – Green Light Flashing Issues

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Roku Remote Not Working Problems

The Roku remote is one of the main components for the proper functioning of your streaming device. This is simply because the remote acts as a gateway to your streaming device, navigating between channels, adjusting the volume, adding and removing channels and for enabling or disabling certain Roku settings. Therefore, when you face the Roku remote not working issue on Roku Enhanced remotes and IR remotes, it could be heartbreaking. In this article, we will discuss about how to fix the issue with some simple remedial solutions.

Roku remote not working problem

Roku remote not working problem

Try Some of These Simple Solutions First

  • Open the battery compartment of your Remote
  • And then, remove the batteries
  • Reinsert by checking the polarities
  • In the meantime, you can turn off the Roku
  • Restart the Roku
  • Try pairing with the streaming device now
  • Use the button inside the remote battery compartment
  • If the remote still doesn’t power up, then the batteries could be dead
  • In which case, you will have to replace them completely
  • Since most batteries drain out together, replace both
  • After replacement, first try with the power button
  • If it doesn’t work out, then perform the factory reset
  • This should make the green light from flashing
  • If it still persists, then check out the next set of solutions

In spite of following these easy solutions if you are still not able to resolve the Roku remote not working problem, then there may be more serious issues with respect to your remote. Therefore, you may have to take up a few additional steps before confirming that the remote is completely useless.

When Simpler Solutions Don’t Work out for your Remote

  • For resolving all the errors, service your remote once
  • Hold the purple button for few seconds
  • And then, wait for the device to turn ON
  • In order to turn it on again, perform a soft reset
  • Most remotes come along with a plastic cover
  • Remove it before usage
  • Also, do not use any fancy remote covers
  • This could hinder the device’s performance
  • Keep your Roku in direct line of sight
  • Do not place the Roku inside any TV cabinets
  • In case of an advanced remote, you need a strong Wi Fi connection
  • After these changes, also try restarting the Roku and the remote once
  • Check for the green indication light once again
  • It is better to purchase a new remote if the above steps don’t work
  • Otherwise, download and install the Roku app
  • It also acts as your personal remote control
  • All you need is the app and a good Wi Fi for operating the smartphone as a remote
  • Android, Apple, Amazon and Windows devices supports it

There can be no better solution to the Roku remote not working problem as we have made an in-depth analysis of all possible root causes. For other similar troubleshooting articles and setup guides for your Roku, you can visit our website Or, use our toll-free helpline +1-844-740-1110 for finding the much-needed Roku assistance.