Troubleshoot Your Streaming Device Overheating Error on Roku

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Roku Overheating Error

Streaming devices get heated up if you use them for a long period of time. You will receive a warning message or a red light indication at the right side corner of your device display screen. Hence it is important to control or regulate the temperature of the device to enjoy uninterrupted streaming. Below are few common tips and tricks for the Roku customers to avoid Your device is overheating warning issue.

What to do if the red light is on or you see a “Your device is overheating” warning

Do not panic if you come across such an error and we can easily resolve it. As the error appears, you will not be able to stream on your device and the streaming process will be interrupted. Refer the instructions below and use it for troubleshooting if the white light on the device turns to red. Check out the tips and tricks below to avoid it.

Your Device Is Overheating Warning

Your Device Is Overheating Warning

The position you place the device

Try not to place the device on a hot surface. Most of the times, exposing the device to direct sunlight can cause the device to heat up.

Turn off your streaming device for some time

Power off the device by removing all the cables connected to the device. Use the device after a while and check the temperature again. Suggest you to perform either soft or hard reset.

Check the operating temperature

The room temperature is also an important factor to consider before you use the device. Choose a room that has a cool temperature range. Ensure that you avoid placing the device in a closed cabinet.

Cables you use

Double check if you have connected the device cables in the required slot. Make sure that the connections are proper and secure. If not, you can try reconnecting the cables. Using good quality or branded cables can offer you a better output and you will get an idea if you check out relevant reviews.

Use a different streaming device

Suggest you to try using a different streaming device model. Start activating it and begin streaming. Heating errors will not occur if you use a brand new device. The top streaming device models on Roku include Roku Express, Roku Express plus, Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Ultra and a few more. Check out the reviews available on our webpage to find out the best device model for your home setup.

Apart from the above steps, you have a lot of other troubleshooting tips too and you can use the best one that you feel is easy. It is always important to identify the type of error first and then, proceed further. If your device gets heated up, start controlling the device temperature.  Once the errors resolve, you can begin the streaming process again. Speak to our customer support executives for more assistance and support. Just make a note of the support number from this page and start ringing it. You can also navigate to our webpage Roku Error code or call us at +1-844-740-1110 to know what to do if the red light is on or you see a Your device is overheating warning?