Solution – If Live TV Pause Buffer Is Lost When Resuming From Screensaver

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Fix Live Pause Errors on Roku

Wouldn’t it be nice to catch upon some missed out live shows using the rewind or pause option? It is possible on a Roku and this feature is called Live television pause. With the help of a 16GB USB drive, you can pause the live broadcasting programs in your Roku TV/ connected with an antenna. Up to 90 minutes, you are able to record the program. Or if you want to go back to a particular scene in the live broadcast, just rewind the program.

live pause errors on Roku

live pause errors on Roku

How to Enable it on your Roku

In the first place, learn which Roku devices support this feature and use it along with the Live TV pause option.

  • So, to pause any live program, just press the play or pause button in your Roku remote
  • To go back, tap the ‘reverse scan’ button (rewind)
  • You can rewind up to 90 minutes of the program or to the point, where you first tuned
  • This live TV pause option will be disabled automatically and you will lose the program, when
    • Turning off the Roku TV
    • Navigate to another channel
    • Leaving the Antenna TV input 
  • The playback will begin automatically, once it exceeds the 90 minutes pause

Requirements & Features of Live Pause Option

  • The main requirement needed for this Live TV pause option is “16 GB USB FLASH DRIVE
  • And you should know one thing, by using the flash drive with storage space more than 16 GB, you can’t increase the pause time
  • The live TV pause time is 90 MINUTES and it is a fixed one. The minimum compatible size needed for this feature is “16 GB”
  • Another thing is, by using the Live TV pause feature, the data in the USB drive will be formatted
  • If you want to reuse that pen drive for some other feature, it should be reformatted
  • In this reformatting, the USB drive is subjected to a test, whether it is capable enough to support the live recording or not
  • If your Roku TV has multiple ports, insert only one flash drive during the formatting process
  • Once the formatting is finished, you can use additional USB drives in other ports
  • You can only use the USB drive to pause the live programs
  • The recorded programs cannot be stored in the drive for any other future use and transferring to another device is also not possible

What to do if Live TV Pause Buffer is Lost when Resuming From Screensaver?

Try any one of the below mentioned steps to prevent the error,

  • In your Roku, go to the settings option, click the ‘system’ then, ‘power’ and ensure that the ‘power on’ option is not with the Antenna TV/Last used TV input
  • Otherwise, access the ‘screensaver’ option under the settings, then ‘wait time’ and disable the screensaver option

For more assistance and support for the live pause errors on Roku, call our team by the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code.