What are the Methods to Troubleshoot Roku Private Listening Issues?

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About Private Listening

Listen to audio through a pair of headphones attached to the remote of your Roku streaming player. A headphone jack built into the remote or the Roku mobile app allows you to leverage this feature. Though you will see that the headphone icon is absent on the mobile app, you will see it on the remote. The Private Listening feature is one of the most preferred features of the Roku. Launched along with the OS 8, the attribute is available only on select Roku devices. Sometimes you can face Private listening issues on Roku while activating it.

Activate Roku Private Listening

  • On the Roku, private listening is activated only when you use a pair of wired headsets
  • The feature is not available through the Bluetooth
  • Insert the headphones into the slot and tap on the ‘Headphone’ icon
  • Use this on four separate devices – all connected to the Roku at once

Issues with Private Listening

  • When you activate private listening after inserting the headphones into the jack or through the mobile app, the video does not play consistently.
  • It stops and seems to resume again – this is an attempt by the system to synchronize the headphones
  • Avoid this issue by activating private listening appropriately before you start streaming
Roku Private Listening Issues

Solve Problems with Private Listening

Troubleshoot Private Listening Issues on Roku

Here are the simple troubleshooting methods to fix private listening issues on Roku.

Audio Problems

  • Troubleshoot any of the audio problems during private listening. Use these steps if the audio is not in sync with the video, there are some stutters and pops and even if the audio is not audible at all.
  • Primarily, check if the volume is on ‘Mute’ or if it simply low
  • For out-of-sync audios, the software, invariably, detects and corrects the issue. You can actually wait for a while for the problem to correct itself

Not in Sync

  • For persistent audio out-of-sync issues, try removing and reinserting the headphones again
  • Place the headphones pin back into the jack firmly
  • Use the same pair buds to check if another audio is playing correctly
  • Stop the movie or TV show for a while and then restart playing it again

Mobile App Issues

  • On the mobile app, restart the private listening mode – just switch off and then switch on again
  • Close the entire application if the above does not seem to work
  • Swipe and close the Roku app on the iOS device by double-clicking on the ‘Home’ button
  • The Roku app on the Android can be closed from under the ‘Recents’ option
  • Reconnect the power cable after unplugging it out of the Roku player
  • If nothing works, just get another pair of headsets

Network Issues

  • More often, audio issues are attributed to the network
  • The same wireless network is used to play the audio and video through private listening along with other devices that are connected to it
  • Sometimes, audio quality is affected due to the number of devices playing on a single network
  • Especially if you are facing issues with audio, dislodge some of the other devices and then check if the audio is working properly
  • An out-of-range remote control that you are using for private listening can be moved closer to the player for better sound

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