Are you Stuck with Audio Errors on your Roku Streaming Player?

February 25, 2019 By 0 Comments

Audio issues arise and you will end up without hearing the audios for the file formats that you play. For users who come across audio errors on the streaming device that they use, we have a lot of tips to avoid audio issues on Roku. Fixing the error is simple if you understand the corresponding tips.

How to Troubleshoot Audio Issues on Roku?

Audio Issues on Roku

Troubleshoot Audio Issues on Roku

Volume Settings

  • Try to check and adjust the volume settings on the device
  • Now check if the music or videos that you play is audible
  • Double check and ensure that the audio settings are not disabled on the device that you use. If so enable it right away

 Restart your Streaming Device

  • As you restart the device that you use most of the streaming errors will resolve. Start selecting the required settings for restarting from the device settings tab
  • For performing the factory reset navigate to the Settings >Factory reset settings. After selecting the factory reset option you can wait for a while and all the settings will reset
  • Try to remove all the cables connected to the device, wait for a while and then connect it back again
  • Locate the hard reset button on your device and long press it and the settings always depend on the device model that you use

If Errors Still Remain

  • In case if the errors still remain, you can try using a different streaming device or service the existing device that you use

Check the Remote that you Use

  • Verify if the volume buttons on the remote that you use is working
  • Faulty buttons on your remote can be a reason for the error
  • Hence it is recommended to replace the remote with a new one

Use External Speakers

  • A lot of new speaker models are available and you can select the model that is compatible to connect with the device that you use
  • As you get the compatible speaker, connect it to your device and begin using it

Verify the Video Formats

  • The video formats that you play must support the device or else you won’t be able to play it
  • The formats mostly supported by the Roku streaming devices include AAC, MP3, WMA, Dolby Digital AC3, Dolby digital plus E-AC3 and a few more

Want to know what to do if you do not hear the audio from your Roku? Understand the tips and begin the troubleshooting right away to fix audio issues or No sound problems on the streaming use device that you use. Dial the Roku support number +1-844-740-1110 or visit our website Roku Error Code and as you wait you can talk to our support executives who are always happy to guide you any time.