The Best Solution To Fix “If you Cannot Hear Audio From the Roku on TV” Issue?

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Cannot Hear Audio From Roku on TV

If the video on the Roku seems to be playing but you cannot hear any audio associated with it, then it means that your Roku player may be powered on but there could be other issues related to input, cabling or even other factors. At the same time, if you cannot power on the player at all or you are unable to see the associated video, then it means that you may have to apply different types of remedies to fix “cannot hear audio from Roku” issue.

Cannot hear audio from Roku

Cannot hear audio from Roku

Direct Connections with the TV

For instances where the device is directly connected into the TV without using other intermediary devices such as the AVR or audio/video receivers or sound bars then remedial actions can be taken as follows:


A very common issue, check if the MUTE settings on the TV are enabled. Set the MUTE to OFF and adjust volume settings to audible levels. You may also check manuals that came along with your TV issued by the manufacturer of the brand.

Composite cabling

The audio connectors should be tightly attached at both the ends if you are using composite attachments. Also, check that the colors of such cabling systems are appropriately inserted into their corresponding insignias.

Change Inputs

  • See if you can hear audio by connecting the Roku player to a different input, the one you think that really works
  • The previous input on the TV could be faulty if you can hear audio through this one

Cable Changing

  • Change the AVR or audio/video receiver or sound bar that the Roku player is connected to
  • On your AVR or sound bar, make sure that the appropriate input is selected
  • Verify volume settings where the MUTE option is OFF and volumes are audible

Optical Ports

If you have connected the Roku player to an AVR or sound bar using an optical cable through a player that contains an optical port, then change the audio mode to Dolby Digital on the Roku

  • From the HOME go to SETTINGS and then choose AUDIO
  • Here you must set both the S/PDIF and the HDMI to Dolby D or Dolby Digital

Surround Sound

  • Sometimes it does happen that you are unable to hear the audio only when you are playing surround sound
  • And when you cannot hear audio especially when you are playing a TV show or a movie or a video, in surround sound, then it also means that the sound bar, TV and AVR does not support that sound format

Unable to Hear Audio Still

  • At this time, you can do the following
  • Then set the HDMI to PCM-STEREO as well

Note: Set both the HDMI and S/PDIF to PCM-Stereo on Roku players that use an optical port.

In the end, you can disconnect/reconnect cables, power cables etc., to reboot all the associated systems.

If your Roku device does not power on at all, and you have a situation where both audio and video cannot be played, then check the device’s compatibility with the power cord and all other associated power cabling, first.

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