What to Do If you Cannot See the Video from Roku Streaming Player?

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Cannot See the Video From Roku on TV

If you are cannot see the video from Roku TV after you have connected your Roku streaming player, then here are few preliminary steps that you can carry out.

  • Check for the power light on the Roku device
  • Verify if the TV is tuned to the right input for video – press the SOURCE, AUX or INPUT button on the remote
  • Video cables should be connected firmly and securely to both the player and the TV
  • Seat a streaming stick (if you are using one) firmly into its slot on the TV

More elaborately, here is what you should do.

Reasons – Why I Cannot See the Video from Roku to TV

Some of the biggest reasons why you are unable to view videos on the TV from the Roku, could be due to the following.

Cannot See the Video from Roku

Cannot See the Video from Roku

  • If the Roku player is not connected to the TV directly, do so, right now.
  • Disconnect any AVR or audio/video sound bar linked to the Roku player and connect directly to the TV, as well. Issues with the sound bar are alleviated immediately when you do this.
  • Press a button the Roku’s remote control to see if the Roku device is on the screensaver or standby mode and turn player on.


Toggling to the wrong input source on the TV, could lead to video viewing mishaps. While this is extremely common, it is also important to check the input slot, into which you have inserted the Roku stick or the HDMI cable. This is usually present behind the TV. For those who are connecting a variety of other devices into the TV, through your entertainment center, generally encounter these issues.


  • Check the labelling against the input name such as HDMI1, HDMI2, AUX, etc., and then validate if the Roku is switched to the same input label
  • Based on the brand of TV and model the way you change inputs can be diverse. At the same time, accessibility is through the TV’s remote control. Verify all the instructions that came along with the TV
  • Alternatively, do the following:
    • Press the button on the TV remote that displays Input, Source, AUX, Video, TV/Video or something related
    • Wait for about 10 seconds for the device to cycle through all the input labels on the TV screen
    • Thereafter, a video should be detected.
  • At another time, choose the right input and then press the Enter or Select if a menu is displayed
  • Even if that doesn’t work, keep selecting the input one by one to see which one is appropriate. Allow sometime between each selection so that the TV can detect the video

Inadequate Cable Connection

  • If the cable is faulty or if the video cable is not connected firmly, then you may not be able to visualize the video on the TV
  • Make sure it is firmly connected to the HDMI connector on your TV if you are using a streaming stick and if you are using a set top box, check if the HDMI cable is securely inserted into the slot on the TV
  • You may want to verify if the cable is faulty as well. In such a case, replace the entire cabling

The TV is Faulty

  • There are possibilities that the TV is faulty
  • Here, you may want to connect the Roku to another TV and check if it is functioning

If none of the above remedies work, just disconnect all the cables and connect them back again. The best thing to do at this time, is to call our agents @ +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code and speak to them to resolve the issue.