What To Do If You Cannot See The Video On Your Roku Streaming Player?

November 3, 2018 By 0 Comments

Troubleshoot “Cannot See The Video On Your Roku Streaming Player” Issue

Roku streaming player is one of the finest known streaming players in the market that streams your contents online and brings it to its viewers in a seamless fashion. However, there are points where something can go wrong with these devices. And possibility is that we can try to fix it many of these problems at our own. On the other hand, we can also take help from Roku technical support team. Here in this article we are talking about Roku troubleshooting in case you cannot see the video on your Roku streaming player.

Cannot See The Video On Your Roku

Cannot See The Video On Your Roku

Assumption Made – User is able to power on the Roku streaming player.

  • First, Cross verify that your Roku streaming player is not on a screen saver mode. And also check if it is not on standby. In both cases we will not able to do Roku troubleshooting if it holds true.
  • Second, your Roku streaming player has to have a direct connection to TV. And we don’t want any audio video receiver frequency sending some false signals that will hamper the troubleshooting.

Source Of Input

  • Third, look for the input source. It happens many a times that we chose the wrong input and that is when the problem arises.
  • The names will read something like this – AUX, HDMI1, HDMI2 etc.
  • What you can do is on your TV remote control try looking for button that says Input, Source, AUX, video. When you press it there may be some cycle of inputs that starts running.
  • Therefore, wait for like few seconds may 10 or 15 seconds till it allows the TV to detect the video streaming.
  • Alternatively, it can also show you a menu with some options. Wisely select the correct input source.
  • Also you will have to wait again for few seconds between the button presses so that the system gets some time to detect the video again.

What If There Is A Faulty Cable

First do this, try replacing your existing wire with a new one to be sure that we are not trying to use a faulty old cable that may be torn inside. Next what you can do is double check that the cable is perfectly connected to the HDMI and your Roku player. In many cases it is seen that connection is loose.

There Might Be A Problem With Your TV

Most importantly, there should be no problem with your Roku streaming player. How do we check if it is true or not. We try to connect the Roku player to some other TV set in the house. This way we will be sure that our Roku player is working perfectly well. Alternatively, loosen up all cables again and try putting them back sequentially one by one.

Restart The TV

Lastly do try to restart your television set, sometimes there is some glitch and it goes off on itself when we do a restart. If you fail to do the Roku troubleshooting on your own, try reaching out to Roku technical support team @ +1-844-740-1110 or visit https://www.roku-error-code.com for further assistance.