How to Fix Roku Player Will Not Power On Issue?

December 20, 2018 By 0 Comments

If your Roku Player Will Not Power On?

There are several reasons why your Roku player will not power on. It could be a USB failure on the TV or the device just isn’t receiving enough electricity. You might also want to notice that the problem is predominantly due to power supply inadequacies to the device.

The Roku Box

The Roku player by itself is a powerful gadget and has some obvious troubleshooting measures that you can perform.

Roku player will not power on

Roku player will not power on

USB Cable

Most of the Roku player kits contain a USB cable that enables you to connect the device to the power source. You might just be using another USB cable that is unable to transmit the kind of power that the device requires. This is always one of the most common ‘powering up’ Roku issues.

Power Adapter

While the USB cord is used to connect one of the TV’s HDMI input ports to the player, the power discharged this way, is sometimes, insufficient to sustain and run the Roku device. Employ the adapter provided along with the device, to connect it directly to the power socket. Generally, if the Roku is turned on a POWER ON green light is visualized otherwise you will see a RED light flashing.

Keeping It Open

The constant RED light on the front panel also means that the device is overheating. If it is placed in enclosures or cases or any kind of cupboard, it might obstruct the flow of air. It is best to remove the device from these places and keep it in an open space. The extra heat from your TV can affect the player as well. So, make sure that the Roku player (Roku streaming stick, Roku Ultra and etc) and the TV are both kept at a distance from each other. To connect the player device to the TV, use an HDMI extender cable, if required.

Roku Streaming Stick

There are cases when the Roku is not displayed even after being plugged into the power and to an HDMI port on the TV.

No Power

  • When there is no POWER LIGHT on the streaming stick, chances are the device is not receiving enough power because the micro-USB is not connected into the wall firmly. Verify the connectivity to both the power outlet and the Roku. Remove and replace the plugs.
  • If the light does seem to come on, then the micro-USB could have incurred some damage. Check for any damages to the wire, such as some frays or cuts.

Display Connector

  • The Display Connector to the HDMI Port on the TV should be connected securely. Fasten it in properly.
  • Check for the name of the HDMI input port and then verify your selection by clicking on the INPUT or SOURCE button the TV’s remove. Change it to the appropriate input in the case of a wrong selection.

Other Errors


Even if the Roku seems connected, but you have a black screen, then it means your internet is not connected. Check all Wi-Fi and network settings. This could also be as a result of weak signals.

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