Use HDCP 2.2 to Play 4K and HDR Contents

January 8, 2019 By 0 Comments

HDCP 2.2, the content protection standard is must stream 4K Ultra HD or HDR content on your Roku streaming device. It will help you prevent the copyright issues or unauthorized streaming of the contents on any streaming device.

Every 4k resolution videos or programs that you play must support HDCP 2.2 or else you will not be able to stream it on your device. Check if your streaming model support this feature before you start streaming and make a note that not all the streaming device models enable it.

4K Ultra HD or HDR Content

4K Ultra HD or HDR Content

Use the devices that support the standard and use it to ensure quality streaming.

Why is HDCP 2.2 Important to Playing 4K Ultra HD or HDR Content?

HDCP 2.2 thus becomes familiar to the world of streaming. Read the information below and you will know why is HDCP 2.2 important to playing 4K Ultra HD or HDR content?

  • If the 4k video or the programs that you stream does not support HDCP 2.2 you will receive an HDCP error message on your device display screen. The videos that you stream will be blocked.
  • To ensure quality streaming the standard is important
  • As the latest TV models and streaming devices that arrive in the market are updated with new HDMI ports and 4K streaming options the content protection standard always plays a major role.

How to Resolve HDCP 2.2 Error on Your Streaming Device?

There are the lot of tips and tricks to resolve HDCP 2.2 error on your streaming device. As the error popup we suggest you to start executing some of the tips below

  • Check the HDMI port that you use and make sure that all the cables are connected in proper position
  • Make use of the quality cables to insert to the HDMI Port. There are lots of latest cable models available and you can check out the reviews to know more. High-speed HDMI cables can always offer you better output
  • Take out the HDMI cable from the port, wait for some time and then connect the cables back again. Look for the HDCP 2.2 mark on the cable to identify the right port. Double check if you use the valid port before you proceed
  • Switch off the streaming device that you use. Remove all the cables connected to the device, wait for some time and then connect the cables back again
  • Try using the reset options such as soft, hard or factory reset and all the settings on your device will reset once

HDCP 2.2, the content protection standard thus helps you to prevent unauthorized use of data or contents for streaming. If you are stuck with HDCP 2.2 error or if the HDCP error message pop up on your screen resolve it right away with the help of available troubleshooting tips. Ring the support number and speak to our customer support executives to know more and to get more updates.

Resolve the HDCP 2.2 error if you come across any and begin streaming your favorite programs that you really like. For more updates, visit Roku Error Code site or call us at +1-844-740-1110.