What to do If you See Low-Power Warning and Red Light Flashing?

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Low-Power Warning and Red Light Flashing

Low Power by itself means the Roku has not been powered up appropriately. Roku gets its power using the enclosed adapter and in some cases through the TV’s USB port itself. The fault could be anywhere – in the Roku, the port, the cables or even in the power outlet that you are using to put the device on.

Low-Power Warning and Red Light Flashing

Low-Power Warning and Red Light Flashing


  • Disruptions are inevitable due to electrical insufficiencies especially when a player is powered by the TV
  • When power is diminutive, the device’s behavior is erratic and devoid of stability
  • A red light positioned in front of the device starts flashing intermittently indicative of a low power source
  • Alternatively, a solid red light that does not flash indicates that the device is over-heating

Warning messages

  • If the power is low, you should get a warning message on your screen along with a solution link
  • The clipart and the message will clearly indicate the device is not garnering enough power to play videos or capture any media from the internet
  • Another ‘Insufficient Power’ message may appear as well explaining the exact source of the power insufficiency

Intermittent flashing red light

  • When the device is not getting enough power, there are certain verifications, checks and remedies that you can carry out to alleviate the issue
  • For one, try checking the USB cable supplied along with the Roku
  • If you think this is the issue, then you may want to replace it
  • Otherwise, if you are using a cable other than the one that came along with the device, then there are chances that the cable is incompatible
  • Address incompatibilities successfully by using the power cable that came along with the player device
  • When the Roku cable itself seems faulty order a new one by going into the accessories section on the Roku website

Red light flashes twice irregularly

  • While the issue is because of low power, there is an additional issue, when the red light on your Roku flashes twice and then goes off
  • This seems to happen alternatingly
  • The situation usually appears when you have had a power outage and then the power comes back on
  • Device power seems to have been restored and yet the light seems to be blinking
  • This is predominantly because even if the power has been restored, there is some internet fluctuation

Connection Check

  • Review the internet connection on the Roku after checking all power cables and USB connectivity to ensure power stability
  • Thereafter, press Home > Settings > Network > Check Connection to see if the network is stable
  • If there indeed is a connection, then a ‘Connection Results’ screen will display a message stating ‘Connection Check was successful’
  • But if during the connection check, you visualize a red-colored ‘X’ against the ‘Wireless Connection’ option, then it means the Roku is not getting any signals
  • In such cases, try setting up the Roku back on to the network
  • For this, you can use wireless or wired options

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