Troubleshoot the Low Signal Strength Message on the Roku

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To stream media and content on the Roku, you definitely require a good internet speed and a great signal strength. It is imperative that even after you have set up the Roku device, to periodically check the strength of the signals that you receive. Check your Roku’s Signal Strength field and if it says EXCELLENT against it. Poor or low connectivity can lead to Roku buffering issue and playback issues or low signal strength message on Roku.

Low Signal Strength Message on Roku

You will get a message on the screen indicating LOW SIGNAL STRENGTH with a series of remedies outlined under it. The device asks you to move the router closer for signal recognition, and even requests you to use a WIRELESS RANGE EXTENDER to enhance the coverage. You just have to press OK at the message to confirm your selection. Also, an HDMI Extender cable can actually improve the strength of the signal that you are receiving. You can easily order one at

Low Signal Strength Message on Roku

Low Signal Strength Message on Roku

Improving the strength

Here are some things that you can do to improve the wireless signal strengths within your premises.

Signal Strength Checking

If you think your internet speed is not at its optimum levels, then most certainly you will see playback issues. Check the strength of the signal at SETTINGS -> NETWORK. Thereafter, check under the SIGNAL STRENGTH field to see if it says EXCELLENT. Anything other than EXCELLENT only means that there are some problems with the signal. Reach out to your ISP or Internet Service Provider to assuage this problem. You should also know that the minimum recommended speed starts at 1.5 Mbps for standard definition content and goes up to even 25 Mbps if you wish to stream 4K and Ultra HD.

Wireless Channel Changing

If you are staying in an area where broadcasts are dense, then other networks around you could be an interference. In such cases, change broadcast channels on the router to either 1 or 11 or 6, which are recommended since there are no coinciding frequencies. Move the router over to the 5GHZ band if you are on a dual-band.

Getting a New Router

Sometimes even if you have tried everything else, you still may not be satisfied with the connection. Which means, you are still noticing some evident buffering and playback issues. Then it is most probably time to change your router device. If the router is extremely old (precisely, more than five years), then it only means it is functioning on older standards. Purchase a new one with the latest technology version that supports 802.11ac especially meant for newer Roku devices such as the Premiere and Plus and the Roku Ultra.

Router Location Change

The router does not function if you have stashed it away inside a closet or if you have kept it in a corner. For optimum signal strength, keep the router device in the middle of the room to ensure proper distribution. Especially if your router is near a window, it means the signal is actually being emitted outside and not inside.

Other fixes

You can also try updating the software and firmware on the device. Reduce traffic on the router, if you have too many devices connected to a single network. Additionally, if you are using a Roku Express, you have an option to apply an adhesive strip and place it into the entertainment center. You may want check for the strength of the signal before you do this.

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