How to Resolve Problems with Roku IR (infrared) Remote?

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Resolve Problems with Roku IR Remote

Whether you have the standard IR remote or a point-anywhere, remote issues on the Roku are rare. Determine the type of Roku remote you are using even before you begin troubleshooting because different remotes required different treatments in the event of a failure. Remove the battery cover of the compartment to look for the pairing button and if this is not present, then it means you possess a standard IR remote. Here are some troubleshooting tips to resolve problems with Roku IR Remote.

Resolve Problems with Roku IR Remote

How to Resolve Problems with Roku IR Remote?

Working of the Standard IR

  • IR meaning Infrared light is used to send signals to the IR transmitter located on the player
  • This type of sensor sends short-distance signals efficiently
  • At the same time, for the gadget to function reliably, point it directly at the player and ensure that there is no object between the remote and the device

Reasons for malfunction

  • The Roku device emits erratic responses when you press a button on the Roku remote
  • Alternatively, it does not respond at all. While you think that the remote is unresponsive or is just not working, the most common cause of a malfunction is due to missed button presses
  • Completely or partially blocked positions of the device and the remote could also result in a breakdown
  • The second most common reason for functional interruption is low or dead battery cells


  • From where you are sitting, you should be able to see the front of the Roku device
  • Point the remote downwards against the Roku device, while holding it higher or above your head
  • Point it directly at the Roku with no obstructions in between, whatsoever
  • The remote could become more responsive when you test it from several places
  • You must check if there are barriers placed in front of the device that are blocking signals
  • If not, just place the Roku device in a position where the remote best responds to button presses


  • Reset the batteries by removing them and then placing them back into their compartments if the Roku device is not responding to commands issued by the remote
  • Alternatively, for instances where the remote is still unresponsive, change the batteries and check if the remote button presses receive a response from the device

New remote

  • For stubborn issues, where the remote and the device concurrently remain static and do not function, try getting a new remote control gadget
  • It is best to obtain a patented remote from Roku’s accessories store on the website
  • Here, each remote comes with a set of compatible devices. Make sure you check the list before you make a purchase

The app

  • Roku provides users with a free app that is downloadable from the Google play store for Android devices and the Apple store for iPhones
  • At the same time, you can also use the app to check the responsiveness of the player and if it is really responding to commands
  • This way, you can identify the exact nature of the fault with the remote

Specific devices

  • For the Roku Premiere Model 3920 released last year, some additional instructions apply as well
  • The Roku remote for this device could get too hot during normal use
  • In such cases, discontinue remote usage and place the remote on a non-flammable surface to let it cool down

It would be extreme to perform a factory reset on the Roku for your standard IR remote issues. Check with our experts pertaining to remote malfunctions and then troubleshoot them accordingly. Dial +1-844-740-1110 for 24×7 support.