Tips to Fix “Roku Connected But Not Working” Error – Roku Error Code

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Roku Connected But Not Working Issue

Roku introduced a lot of device models to its streaming platform. These devices offer a lot of interesting features. Complete the setup to start streaming your favorite programs. It is important to resolve the error to obtain uninterrupted streaming. Check out the common troubleshooting tips to resolve “Roku connected but not working” error.

Roku Connected But Not Working

Roku Connected But Not Working

Roku Streaming Device Connected But Not Working

  • Restart the device – To start the process, disconnect all the cables that are connected to the device. Now take out the power and HDMI cables from the respective slot. Wait for a while time and then, connect all the cables back again. This step can resolve most of the errors.
  • Similarly try performing soft, hard and factory reset and also link the cables appropriately in the respective slot.

Use Good Quality Cables

Premium HDMI cables can offer you good quality output. On the positive side, you can check out the reviews to find the compatible cables to use with the device.

Faulty Internet Connection

  • If you prefer using the wireless network option, check the credentials (username and password). Network passwords are case sensitive and it is important to provide the right password. Users who prefer the wired network connection can check the Ethernet cable which they use. Connect it properly to the respective slot.
  • It will be good if you do not connect multiple streaming devices to the router. Some users prefer using the wireless range extenders to improve the wireless signal strength and you can also try using it.

Check the Device Activation and Setup Steps

Do not skip any of the channel activation steps. Make sure that you complete all the guidelines without delay. Try deactivating the device and activate it once again. Visit the right page and provide the activation code to link the streaming device. Get a new Roku activation code if you come across issues using the existing code or try pressing the star button on your remote.

Update your streaming device with the latest software – Update your streaming device with the latest version of the software. Check the existing software you use. If it is the old version uninstall the existing software to install the updated version.

Use the settings > system > system update to update the streaming device.

If the above steps don’t work you can try servicing the streaming device (Roku not connecting). No service charges will be collected from the users if the device is under warranty period. Besides try replacing the existing device with a new one.

Remote Issues

Pair your remote properly to the device. Always seat the batteries properly. Look if you have a pairing button if so press and hold it for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Get a new remote and start pairing again

Use Mobile Apps – There are mobile apps that are specially designed for your Roku streaming device. Install the app on your device, check the compatibility and start streaming from your Smartphone or tablet.

Get more assistance to resolve Roku connected but not working error dialing the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110 to get more assistance to resolve the errors associated with the Roku streaming device setup.