What Should I do if my Roku Device is Unable to Update Software?

February 8, 2019 By 0 Comments

Roku Device is Unable to Update Software

Roku streaming players are offered in a way to perform the functions with regular daily updates. The streaming player can get automatic updates during the initial setup process and even when it is playing your favorite TV show. On top of which you can also perform an update manually, however automatic updates take between a day or two between each update.

Random Troubles in the Software Update

The streaming device can automatically get updates with a strong internet connection. In some cases, as a result of poor internet connection, the software update may get a failure. You will get some on-screen message indicating that the device is unable to get the latest software update with some error codes like error code 001, 002, 003, or 005. There are some simple steps to get rid of this software update trouble.

What Should I do if my Roku Device is Unable to Update Software?

Actually, it is a normal thing of not getting the latest update due to the unresponsive condition of the player.

  • In the first place, wait for some minutes
  • Try to reconnect your device with the internet network after a while
  • In many cases, by not doing this step, the issue will be multiplied without any specific reason
  • So first, wait for some minutes and reconnect again
  • If there is an extended outage, you will receive a separate alert from the Roku support site
  • In this kind of cases, reconnect to the internet after the outage alert


In case of not seeing any alerts on your TV but the error is still prevailing, there may be the network connectivity issue. Follow the below mentioned steps to rectify the issue.

  • Ensure that you have selected the right wireless network connection
  • Choosing the wrong network may lead to connection failure
  • It is better to reconnect your device to the network from the beginning by entering the credentials
  • Check your router is turned on or off, or is there any other technical issues in the router
  • Check the signal strength of the router by connecting your mobile or computer to the router internet
  • If you receive the internet for your mobile and other password credentials are also correct
  • In which case, the cause for the update failure is mainly due to the lack of a strong signal or interrupted internet network
  • To get rid of weak signal strength, place your Roku device as possible nearby to the router
  • And also, avoid any blocks in the path between the devices
  • Restart both the Roku device and router and turn them on after a while
  • It is also better to check the network using the Ethernet connection also
  • In most of the cases, Ethernet will provide you a strong network connection, and so the streaming device will get the essential update

If you are still facing any issues in getting updates for your Roku device, reach our technical team by the toll-free number +1-844-740-1110