Roku Enhanced Remote is not Controlling Volume and Power on the TV

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About the Enhanced Remote

Since Roku equipped its devices the Streaming Stick, the Streaming Stick Plus and the Roku Ultra with the enhanced remote, users just have to use only one controller to navigate both the TV and player. Because the enhanced remote now comes with additional functionalities where it can even control the volume of the TV. Those who are tired of juggling between remotes or Roku Enhanced Remote is not controlling volume and power on the TV, don’t have to do so anymore!

All you have to do is get a compatible TV to utilize the upgraded streaming device and Roku enhanced remote accordingly.

Roku Enhanced Remote is not Controlling Volume and Power on the TV

Roku Enhanced Remote is not Controlling Volume and Power on the TV

Setting it up

Flawlessly control your Roku streaming player and certain aspects of your TV with the help of the enhanced remote that incorporates both IR (Infrared) and the wireless. Once you have set it up, you can directly control the TV and the player though you cannot control other supplementary devices connected to the TV.

  • Perform the setup procedure as Settings -> Remote -> Set up remote for TV control
  • After this, over the HDMI connection, the player will detect the TV’s brand automatically
  • The process should also configure the Roku enhanced remote simultaneously
  • If in case, the brand goes undetected, then you have to go through some steps, which will be prompted on the screen
  • This should help you to manually enter the brand name of the TV for the device to program the remote as well

Initial activation

  • Connect to the internet for the first time when you set up the Roku player and then set the ‘Display Type’
  • Just before this, you will get a screen that will ask you to verify the settings on the remote. This is the ‘Check remote settings’ screen
  • This is also the primary step to set up the Roku enhanced remote. The process should finally lead you to controlling the volume and power of the TV to audible levels
  • Go to the ‘Control your TV’ screen and click on ‘Check remote settings’
  • Here, you will get a prompt asking you if the music has stopped playing
  • If it has then click on ‘Yes’ otherwise, you can always choose ‘No’ if the music is still playing
  • Thereafter, you will receive an ‘Unable to detect TV info’ screen where you can choose the ‘Enter TV brand’ option
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to enter the values and a list will automatically be populated
  • The music starts playing again and you can choose ‘Yes’ to complete the set up

Unable to control volume and power on the TV

Now, during the initial setting up process if you are not able to hear the music, then use the TV’s remote first, to intensify the TV’s volume.


  • Thereafter, check if the HDMI is appropriately connected between the TV and the player
  • Secure it once again by removing and placing it back into the port

Not able to mute

  • At the same time an on-screen prompt appears during the setup process, if you are unable to mute the music
  • The prompt asks you to enter the TV brand’s name and asks you to setup the device once again


  • Remove all the additional devices that are appended to the Roku player

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