The Roku Error Code 003 – Roku Software Error

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Roku Error Code 003

If you get a Roku error code 003 it invariably means you are unable to update the software for your device. When you setup the device all the checks may seem perfect and even the IP address is assigned. You would even see it in your router’s ‘Connected’ list. But when the device performs a primary update, it would drop to an error code 003. Just like there are many pathways to the error, the solutions to it are also varied.

Roku Error Code 003

Roku Error Code 003

In some cases, the Roku does not garner compatibility with the AES security protocol. So you may want to check your router and reset the security protocol to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP). This way it should be able to procure the required updates.


Most of the time, Roku streaming devices perform software updates in the background even when you are streaming content. At other times, whenever you power the device to connect to the internet, there are auto-updates that are carried out without any interruptions. Every 24 to 36 hours, the device randomly checks for software availability and updates automatically. The device also facilitates manual checks for updates that have been performed.


If the software does not update successfully, you will see the ‘Unable to update software’ screen. The bottom of screen will display the type of error that has occurred. In this case, it is the Roku Error Code 003.The screen also provides certain instructions for you to perform. If an automatic update has been stalled, then wait for a few minutes and try updating again. But sometimes even after multiple attempts you still encounter the error.


Perform a few checks to verify your update process.

  • Select the correct network name or SSID and if this is incorrect, most certainly, your internet connection will fail.
  • Router functionality should be verified and connect another device other than the Roku hardware such as your PC or mobile device to verify if the router is indeed working.
  • Finally, analyse the bandwidth and strength of your wireless signal. Even if other devices are connected but the player alone has difficulty communicating with the Wi-Fi, then it is highly likely that you are using incompatible strengths to run your device.


  • A ‘System restart’ usually helps with such a situation. Go to ‘Settings’ and then look for ‘System’. Under this option you should find the ‘System restart’. The Roku TV has an extra step called ‘Power’ after ‘System’.
  • Restarting your router should also alleviate the error. You may also want to check with your internet service provider or even router provider/manufacturer with regard to gadget configurations. In most cases, you will find a ‘Reset’ button the router itself. At other times, simply unplug and plug it back in.

Ethernet and Wireless

  • There are some Roku devices that are capable of connecting to the Ethernet. Check if your device has a LAN port and plug the cable directly to see if it works.
  • If you think you have met all Roku requirements, then maybe you should take measures within your facility to improve your internet signal and connectivity.

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