The Roku Error Code 009 – No Internet Issue

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Roku Error Code 009

If you are staring at the Roku Error Code 009 it means that the device has successfully established connectivity with the router, but is not able to get on to the internet. This is also akin to Error code 14. Basically, your device is not recognizing the wireless signal for your preferred network and is displaying error messages such as ‘Unable to connect to wireless network’ or even the ‘Not connected to the internet’ message.

Roku Error Code 009

Roku Error Code 009

Setup of the Device

The very first action that you perform when you setup your device is to connect to the internet. This is done in exactly the same way that you connect any other device such as the mobile or the PC. The process is pretty simple.

First check if your wireless network name appears on the list of networks

Choose the Correct One

  • Enter the case-sensitive passcode
  • The wireless connectivity is established
  • A message indicating successful connection is displayed
  • The internet broadband service will provide the player hardware with access through the router

Note: The above can also be executed by connecting the Roku to an Ethernet port directly, if it has one

Immediate Resolution to Error 009

As a finality, you may want to ask your ISP or Internet Service Provider to resolve the issue for you, because the issue is fairly technical. It is more of a problem with the internet than with the router. Alternatively, there are other solutions you can execute as well.

Recommended Actions

There are some recommended actions that you can take such as checking your connection and fixing connectivity issues through some verification steps.

Connection Checking

  • You can check your connection by clicking on ‘Settings’ and then going to ‘Network’
  • Next, under ‘Network’ click on ‘Check Connection’
  • Here, you will perform a 2-step test
    1. Test the signal’s quality and actual connectivity to the usable network
    2. Measure the connection’s speed and check if you are connected to the internet
  • Use the on-screen instructions if your wireless signal strength is really poor

During the Connection Check

  • Roku tries to connect to the wireless or wired network
  • If successful, it attempts to connect to the internet
  • A green check appears for each successful connection

Note: If a connection cannot be established, a red ‘x’ appears

  • The Roku device has successfully connected to your network and the internet, when a green check appears for both connections
  • Strength of the connections is also tested and results published
  • Connection check ends with a message stating ‘Connection check was successful’
  • This is when both connection tests for the signal go well
  • A message on the screen displays an error code along with recommendations to improve the problem

Reviewing Connection Checks

  • Going to ‘Settings’ and then click on ‘Network’ and then on ‘About’ will help you review your connection
  • Here, you can review the values against
  • ‘Signal Strength’ which should feature as ‘Excellent’ or at least ‘Good’
  • ‘Internet download speed’ should display good with some points against it such as ‘11/13’
  • If you think the strength of the signal is displayed as poor, then you may have to measure the wireless signal

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