Simple Methods To Fix Roku Error Code 011(Connot Connect To Roku)

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Fix Roku Error Code 011

Software installation and update on the Roku player are performed automatically, during and after the initial setup process. But in the event that you get the “CANNOT CONNECT TO ROKU” error message, which, invariably, is the Roku Error code 011, then it means that the updates have failed. This is also because the device has been “unable to connect to Roku’s Software Update Server“. While there are several factors leading to this error, there are some easy ways to alleviate it as well.

At other times, keep checking regularly for software updates on the Roku. Whenever possible, add new features and better experiences specially designed for your viewing pleasure.

Roku Error Code 011

Roku Error Code 011

Initial Checks

  • The chances of encountering a Roku error code 011 are usually during initial device setup and installation. To resolve this error on the Roku device, just click on the TRY AGAIN option.
  • Go to and check for any alerts, warning or announcements indicative of service disruption and problems in the server
  • Sometimes, your Roku device may be detected but you may be unable to connect to the internet. The system displays a NOT CONNECTED message. Along with the message look for steps to navigate you to connect back to the network and just follow them.

Resetting the Streaming Device

  • From the HOME button go to SETTINGS and then from the ADVANCED SYSTEM SETTINGS look for the FACTORY RESET
  • Here, you can select FACTORY RESET EVERYTHING, override the warning messages and fully reset the device
  • If you think you need some expert guidance, call our team for assistance @ +1-844-740-1110.

Post Resetting

  • After you have completely reconstituted the device, you will visualize the home page
  • Select SETTINGS and in this menu, look for NETWORK
  • Under this option, you will find REPEAT GUIDED SETUP
  • Click on it and simply follow all the steps and choose your network name, enter the password to get back on to the internet

Improve Wireless Connection

There are several ways to improve your wireless connection to get all the entertainment of your choice on the Roku. Especially because this is to do with the signal and the wireless router, it is best to reach out to your ISP for an immediate solution. On the other hand, try these steps.

  • One of the most common things you can do is to check the strength of your signal. Buffering videos and delayed loading of the screens indicate that the signal is rather weak. Verify the SIGNAL field under the NETWORK menu. See if there is an EXCELLENT displayed against it. Anything else other than that only means that your signal strength is inadequate.
  • Within the premises, ensure that the router and the device are close to each other. Any blockages between the devices can lead to weakened signals. Particularly if the router is placed in a corner, odds are most of the signal is rendered outside than inside.
  • Keep other electronic devices away from the router such as microwaves and cordless phones. These devices have the aptitude to inadvertently, interfere with the signal.

For all issues, installation, and configuration, chat with our experts @ Roku error code website for advice.