How To Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 016?

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Troubleshoot Roku Error Code 016

When you see a Roku Error Code 016, it simply means that your device is unable to connect to the internet. In fact, you will even see a message to that effect. While the device is equipped to connect to the internet to provide you with entertainment, there are times when you could encounter errors. The Roku Error Code 016 is displayed along with a message stating “UNABLE TO CONNECT TO WIRELESS NETWORK“.

Roku Error Code 016

Roku Error Code 016

The Error Message

Connect the Roku device to the internet just like you would connect a computer or a mobile. Enter the correct password after selecting the wireless network name. You will be granted access to a range of programming through the internet once a connection with the wireless router is established. The router should be connected with the Ethernet, or wired network cable. Most of the Roku devices are equipped with an Ethernet Port.

Losing Network Connectivity

When the device is unable to gain access to the network through the router, device setup cannot be accomplished. Even after you have setup the device, if you lose internet connection, channel launching may not be possible. There are several error messages that may be displayed during different times:

  • You are trying to connect the Roku to the internet for the first time
  • After you have entered the wireless network name and password
  • During channel launch and streaming, internet connection is lost
  • Network connection is lost during playback

For all of the above errors, it is best to check your connection first before applying any of the other fixes.

Connection Checking

By selecting Settings > Network > Check connection on the Roku device, you should be able to verify the strength of your connection.

After testing the quality of the signal, the system also performs a check to measure the speed of the internet

On-screen instructions will be provided for you to help resolve the problem if your internet speed is poor

Note: Users must setup the Roku device and connect it to the network in order to see the option to check your connection. 

Resolving Issue with Your Connection

Network Name Selection

  • Wireless network name should have been entered appropriately
  • Wrong network name selection will lead to an inability to connect
  • Make sure that your Roku device is indeed connected to the right network

Password Entry

  • It is important to enter the correct password for your wireless network
  • Failing which, you may not be able to get your Roku on to the internet in spite having selected the correct wireless network name

Router Functionality

  • Sometimes, the router may not be working properly
  • Connect another device that you may have to the internet and check whether it is working
  • In all probability, the strength of the wireless signal is weak
  • The farther you move your router away from the device the weaker the signal gets

Rebooting All your Devices

  • One of the best ways to fix the Roku Error Code 016 is to restart all your devices
  • Perform the Settings > System > System restart process by directly unplugging the Roku device from its power source
  • Also restart the router and check for instructions pertaining to the functioning and setting up of the router for streaming devices

For any further troubleshooting of the Roku Error Code 016, call our experts at +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku error code for help.