How To Resolve Slow Speed Internet Connectivty Issues On Roku?

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Roku Error Code 018

Good speed network connection is a must to stream content on any device and most of the users face errors while connecting the device to the network. When a network error occur, a corresponding error message will pop up on the device display screen. Roku error code 018 is the common error code that indicates a poor Network connection and you can start resolving it with the help of a lot of troubleshooting tips. Just start identifying the cause of the error and resolve it right away. When you are using valid credentials, there is no room for the error to pop up. The good part is that there are a lot of other troubleshooting guidelines too.

We will talk about Roku internet connectivity issues in this blog which is commonly known as Roku error code 018. This arises mostly because of poor internet connectivity or the bandwidth is not sufficient enough to pull that much data or stream it.

Roku Error Code 018

Roku Error Code 018

Check Primary Connection

First and foremost thing that you need to ensure is that your Roku streaming player is on the same wireless network that your TV and the rest of the devices are. Alternatively, use an Ethernet cable to connect to your Router.

Please check that your router is up and running. This can be another critical reason where you will see the Roku error code 018 because of the improper functioning of the router

Example Of Error Messages That A User Will See In Case Of Poor Network Connectivity On Roku

  1. When you first try to connect you’re newly brought Roku streaming player to the home wireless network, you may see this message on screen “Unable to connect to wireless network”.
  2. The other issue that you may see when the Roku player tries to set up the connection with your home wireless network.
  3. Furthermore, another problem arises when you try to launch some random streaming channel and the connection is lost in the middle of this. You see a message which reads as: “Not connected to the Internet”.

Besides, during launching a channel the issue may seem to arise when you do a playback action. Basically, you lose the network in the process and see this screen: “Loading, please wait”.

Checking My Internet Connection

Here we will check the internet connection and then the strength of the wireless signal. Additionally, we also want to know how to resolve the weak signal issue.

You will do this to check above mentioned points: Settings then Network and finally check the connection.

 Checks To Be Made

  • First, check the wireless network name that your Roku player needs to be connected to. However, if you do not see your network name try to run a quick scan against all available networks.
  • The next check will be to examine the functioning of your home router. To test it you can try to launch some website let us say from some other device may be a mobile phone. If that works successfully it means the router is working just fine.
  • On the other hand, if there is trouble launching a website from other devices too you may want to reach out to your Internet service provider.
  • Additionally what you can check is the strength of your wireless signal. If all other checks above hold false and only Roku streaming player is not working that means the strength of the wireless signal is weak.
  • The signal should at least be good or excellent for your Roku device to work perfectly. Use “Home” on the remote control of Roku device and channel to Settings, Network and final will be “About”. Here you will see the signal strength.

Other Common Tips to Resolve the Error

  • Verify the wireless network credentials that you are going to use. The second important point is the wireless password has to be correct for the network chosen. To ensure that your password is right, do a reset password and set up a new one.
  • Quickly perform a system restart and check if the network errors resolve. Start troubleshooting the Roku error code 018, connect the device again to the network and it is sure that you will have the best time streaming.
  • Finally, try to restart your router.

Open any website to ensure that your Roku device has an active wireless network. Signal strength should at least be good. Finally, try restarting your router and Roku device.

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