What is Roku Error Code 020 (HDCP Unauthorized Error) and How To Fix It?

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HDCP or High bandwidth Digital Copy Protection has been around in the TV and movies industry for a very long time. Initially introduced to protect copyrights of content that was published on VHS tapes, the newer form protects everything that flows in and out of digital devices including streaming players such as the Roku. The latest version is the HDCP 2.2 that is focused at protecting 4K HDR content.

Roku Error Code 020

A Roku error code 020 indicates that there is an incompatibility with the digital content protection law. Essentially, it means that the device is unable to recognize or support HDCP because the connection to the TV’s HDMI is not supported. Not limited to just the HDMI but any AVR or Audio/Video Receiver connected to the entertainment center may not be attuned to HDCP. To fix the issue, you must first ensure that you are setting up the player to display 4K content

Roku Error Code 020

Roku Error Code 020

Requirements to Stream 4K

Full HDTV resolutions are up to 1080p while 4K resolutions run up to 3,840 columns, which also means it is four times that of the HD. The HDR technology expands both color and contrast expressively in order to provide greater depth and accuracy of the display.

  • On a compatible Roku player, you also require a synonymous 4K HDR TV with an HDMI 2.0 input supporting HDCP 2.2.
  • It is imperative to check if the latest software is running on the TV to enable HDR
  • You also have to verify if your Roku player indeed can relay HDR or 4K content
  • High bandwidth internet streams are indispensable for images to appear in HDR / 4k
  • Finally, get a Premium High-Speed HDMI cable for your Roku box

Resolving the HDCP Error

  • Clearly, a message HDCP ERROR DETECTED appears on the screen when you try to stream Ultra HD 4K content
  • Instructions to relieve this inaccuracy is also displayed along with it; simply follow the visualized steps for immediate relief


  • A small resetting process will require you to unplug the HDMI from its ends and powering off of all the devices including the Roku player
  • Wait for a while, and thereafter, attach all the cords back, this time, and securely; ensure this by double-checking their seating
  • Turn everything on to check if you can visualize any content

HDMI Input and Cable

  • For the most part, the HDMI input itself could be incompatible. Choose another one for input.
  • Alternatively, get a newer HDMI cable that is less than 6 feet in length
  • Try connecting the TV directly after dislodging the AVR or HDMI switch, if you are using one
  • Cross-verify the display settings by going into the DISPLAY TYPE option from the settings

Setting up Roku for 4K

  • Some of the primary requirements to stream 4K HDR content is to have an available HDMI 2.2 input and likewise, a compatible 4K Ultra HD TV and Roku player
  • A high bandwidth internet connection that provides at least 25 Mbps
  • The plan that you get with a streaming service (Netflix, for example) should also support 4K displays
  • Additionally, ensure that you have a High-Speed HDMI cable that is acceptable to the TV
  • Connect the Roku through the HDMI cable or directly for Roku Streaming Stick+, to an available HDMI 2.0 input on the TV
  • Thereafter, append all other attachments into the respective HDCP 2.2 supported slots
  • After completing, power on all devices and go through the guided setup instructions on the screen

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