Resolve Roku Error Code RLC-1000 (Spectrum App Not Working)

December 24, 2018 By 0 Comments

Roku Error Code RLC-1000

Spectrum, sometimes, could throw the Roku Error Code RLC-1000 on the Roku. The error is generally associated with the Spectrum app not working on the Roku. Of late, there have been several stream overlapping issues, due to which the spectrum RLC 1000 error code popped up for most of the users.

Spectrum is available for those who sign up for cable services with Time Warner. To get the app, the Roku converts into a cable box to launch it. The app is actually free and does not even come with an up-charge like other providers. The Roku Error Code RLC-1000 was prevalent because TWC was indeed transitioning to Spectrum from its existing platform. When Spectrum’s newer version was launched, the error alleviated itself on the Roku.

Roku Error Code RLC-1000

Roku Error Code RLC-1000

For all other issues here is what you should do to troubleshoot Spectrum on the Roku player.

Channel Restart

If you are having general issues with the Roku, then all you have to do is first, restart the Channel. Then exit out of it, by pressing the HOME key on the Roku’s remote. Select the Spectrum TV Channel again, thereafter, to re-launch or open it once again.

Download Again

Ensure that you have completely removed the Spectrum TV app from the Roku player. Download and perform an addition once again from the Google store.

Device Reboot

For rebooting your device, directly unplug it from its electrical socket and then wait for around 30 seconds. Plug it back in and it should be working fine.

Usual Mistakes

  • There are several common mistakes with usernames and passwords, which eventually leads to errors.
  • Get help for signing in on the Roku or on the Spectrum website for your account and as far as possible use the virtual keyboard.

Display is Not Working

First check the correct Input or Source (i.e. Video 1, Video 2, HDMI) and make sure the TV is tuned into the correct one. Turn the powers on for both the TV and the device and connect them to the wireless or wired internet. Remove and replace the HDMI cable from its slot for both the devices. Wait for some time after unplugging the Roku and then attempt to connect it back into the wall electrical socket.

Picture Quality is Poor

First, verify the Roku’s network connection to the player. Then press Home -> Settings -> Network to choose either Ethernet / Wired or Wi-Fi / Wireless.

For the status, choose UPDATE CONNECTION.

Finally, the picture to adjust to higher quality may take up to one minute after changing the channels.

Sound or Audio Quality is Low

  • The volume levels of your TV could be low. Adjust this first.
  • If the issue is not very obvious, then you must disconnect and then re-append the HDMI cable.

Slow Channel Loading

  • If you think the channel is not loading instantly, then restart the modem by removing batteries, and unplugging it. Re-insert the batteries and plug the device again after about 30 seconds.

For any Spectrum Roku RLC-1000 errors with the Roku, reach out to our agents for assistance at +1-844-740-1110 or visit Roku Error Code.