How To Factory Reset My Roku Before Returning, Selling Or Gifting?

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Factory Reset

Factory Reset also known as a master reset will restore the software of an electronic device back to its original state. Wherein all the information that is there on that device will no longer be there. To accomplish this you will follow some of the pointers below.

How To Do Roku Factory Reset

How To Do Roku Factory Reset

Soft And Hard Reset

Also, there are two ways to reset the Roku devicesoft reset and hard reset option. You can achieve soft reset by using the device settings on your Roku remote. And on the other hand, you can do the hard reset by physically pushing a RESET button on the Roku device or player. In both cases data erase will take place and all your account settings, payment information will not be there and Roku box will be as good as new.

Factory Reset Using The Device Settings

If you wish to factory reset the Roku device using the settings option on it, follow this.

  • First, use “Home” button on your Roku remote so that the very first screen appears.
  • Then you will find settings by using your Roku pointer to either scroll in upwards direction or downwards direction.
  • After that select System as an option and do advance system settings.
  • Next, choose “Factory reset everything”.
  • And finally from here on you will perform as per the instructions you see on your TV screen.

Factory Reset Using The Hardware Reset Button

  • There is another way to factory reset your Roku device and that is to use a hardware reset button on the Roku player.
  • You will notice a hard push bound button to reset at the bottom of your device or at the back of the Roku device.
  • If not this then there may be a pinhole sort of thing that you will notice to do a hard reset.
  • Once you are able to locate the reset button, push it in firmly for like 15 to 20 seconds and release. If the factory reset is complete you will notice an indicator light blinking on your Roku device.

Roku Ensures That You Do Not Do A Hard Reset By Mistake

  • There may be a case wherein someone can accidentally do a factory reset and all your data will disappear in like seconds.
  • To avoid such situations all Roku device settings ask for a four-digit code to enter on the TV screen so that it’s safe to proceed further.
  • You can see the code is on the device itself and all you need to do is feed in the code in the space provided and then press “OK”.

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