Troubleshoot Tips For Roku Problems With Netflix

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Roku Problems With Netflix

There are several remedial actions that you can perform when you encounter Roku problems with Netflix. If you see an error stating ‘The Netflix services have experienced an internal error’ then it most probably means that the player information has to be upgraded or refreshed. Also, if this is happening when you are away from your standard home network, such as when at work, school or at the hotel, then you may want to:

  • Make sure streaming services such as Netflix are supported
  • There is no intentional blockage
  • The local network administrator can fix the problem
  • Limited bandwidth at the public place
  • In any case you just have to exit and open the Netflix app once again to try streaming.
Roku Problems with Netflix

Roku Problems with Netflix

Reactivating the App

  • Navigate to the Roku home screen by pressing on the ‘Home’ button on the controller
  • Press the ‘Star’ or ‘*’ key to select the app and choose ‘Remove Channel’
  • You may have to make the same selection again to confirm your choice
  • Then go to ‘Streaming Channels’ and from here
  • Movies & TV -> Netflix -> Add Channel -> Go to Channel -> Roku Account sign in
  • Now, try using Netflix once again

Internet Connectivity

  • You may also want to check if the speed of your internet connection is adequate
  • For this navigate to Home Screen -> Settings -> Network
  • Once you get into the Network screen check for the message against the ‘Connection Status’
  • If there is a problem with the internet, it will state ‘Unable to connect’
  • Perform a ‘System Restart’ on your player by going into ‘Settings’ and then selecting ‘System’ and then ‘Power’

Screen Freeze

  • The reasons for your screen freezing are many but it could happen at any time, when you are trying to launch the app, trying to selecting a profile or at other times.
  • For Roku problems with Netflix, screen freeze unplug all your devices for about 10 minutes before you resume streaming

Direct Modem Connection

  • Sometimes even after you have restarted all your devices, you are unable to connect the app and the player to the internet. At this point, bypass the router and using an Ethernet Cable, connect to the modem directly. When you eliminate router device, you will be able to assess the actual nature of the problem. .
  • Power off the player, router and modem when you are making this switch
  • Wait for at least about 30 seconds when you place all your devices back into connection again
  • If your app is working now, then it means there most certainly was a problem with the router
  • Contact your service provider also to verify if this is the best configuration for your player

Improve Signal

Most of the time, the placement of the devices itself is the root cause of the issue. Change the location of the devices. Bring the player, router and modem closer together. Remove obstacles to the signal and lift the router to an elevated position. Your signal should automatically get better now.


For all remedies, it is best to contact the Internet Service Provider who will technically have a stronger resolution. Still, you have facing any issues, contact our support team at +1-844-740-1110