Resolve ‘Roku Unable to Update Software’ Error

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Unable to Update the Roku Software

Even when the Roku device connects to the internet, it is unable to update the software. During this time, users encounter the Error Code 003, displayed on the unit. ‘Roku Unable to update software‘ when the company’s backend servers are undergoing some modifications or upgrades, as the case may be. In rarer scenarios, it means that the servers have broken down. During these times, the Roku player finds it hard to connect to the network.

Roku Software Update

The Roku updates its software automatically, in the background. Which means, even if you are streaming a service, it doesn’t matter. Updates still follow without affecting your current viewing. But sometimes, the player won’t do the needful and a Roku Error Code 003 is visualized.

Roku Unable To Update Software

Roku Unable To Update Software

Reasons for Roku Unable to Update Software

  • Connectivity issues with the router and other internet concerns lead to the Error Code 003 where the Roku device is unable to update the software.
  • Additionally, the device is incapable of connecting to the wireless internet due to unrecognized security protocols such as the AES. Software updates, subsequently, do not occur.
  • Historically, Roku backend server problems were inevitable. While this is not the case now, odds are, it might ensue at any time.
  • Over a period of time, Roku releases updates of latest versions with newer added features. In these upgrades, the older issues are removed as well. Your player may not have received these upgrades.


When your Roku is unable to update the software, you can easily troubleshoot it. Before performing any troubleshooting, ensure that you have a solid internet connection and there are no unwanted proxies, and firewalls restricting the network.

Server Status

Check for messages received into your email, where Roku is undergoing some server maintenance. They will also indicate the date and time of the disruption to make sure you are not disappointed. If Roku’s servers are down, there is nothing really you can do about it. Just wait for the maintenance to complete and for service restoration.

Network Security Protocols

AES protocols are not an accepted Roku format. When used within a network, the player ceases to connect to the internet to perform software updates. Change the protocol to fix the ‘Roku unable to update software’ issue.

  • Go to the ROUTER’s IP ADDRESS menu from its SETTINGS.
  • The address indicated here and the one printed behind the router match with each other. It should be something like
  • From here, open the SECURITY or WIRELESS tab. Verify the entry against security mode. If this is AES then change it to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).
  • Try connecting the Roku with the new settings, on to the network. Thereafter, check if the software updates happen.


Most of the latest Roku devices use both the WIRED and WIRELESS capabilities to connect to the internet. If wireless updating of the software on the Roku does not work, try performing the updates through a wired ETHERNET connectivity. Plug the Ethernet cable directly to the Roku and then to the Router to perform the updates.

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