The Best Solution for Roku Buffering Problems

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Troubleshooting Roku Buffering Problems

Roku streaming player is equipped in such a way to play video of any recent formats at highest possible quality depending upon the type of content the developer provides and on the speed of the internet connection. The screening quality also depends on the potential of television set too. The Roku streaming device is efficient enough to streams the audio, video media content availed by the content providers like Netflix, Hulu, Roku Channel, and YouTube Red.

Roku Buffering Problems

Roku Buffering Problems

Sometimes, while streaming through Roku streaming player, you may come across few video playback problems such as buffering, slow video playback. These occur mainly due to network or other issues. Below listed are few of the usual playback issues that occur along with the potential troubleshooting tip to resolve the issues.

  • Continuous buffering
  • Poor quality video streaming
  • Unable to play videos from any channel
  • Issues in playing a specific video
  • Issues in playing any video from a specific channel

Steps to Resolve Playback Issues:

Poor Video Quality or Incessant Buffering

Occasional poor video quality or buffering may be due to network congestion.

  • Check if there is an issue with your network provider.
  • Check whether your internet connection avails optimal speed that is sufficient enough for streaming.
  • Avoid connecting many external devices to the network, that may reduce the traffic and increase signal strength.
  • Persistent low-quality video or incessant buffering is mainly due to slow network caused by
    1. Poor wireless signal,
    2. Router not working efficiently
    3. Bad internet service quality

No Streaming of any Channel Issues may be Due to the Network Issue.

  • Check the internet connection by navigating to the Settings menu of the Roku device using the Roku remote and choose the Network option.
  • Ensure whether the internet connection is working well by connecting any other external device to it.
  • You can restart the Roku streaming device and the router.

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

  • Having issues while playing a specific video, try playing another video on that channel
  • If the other video plays within a channel and then there is no issue on the streaming device or connectivity, hence you may contact the channel providers on it.
  • When any video from a single channel is not playing, then verify if the channel requires any subscription such as Netflix or Hulu Plus.
  • In case of subscription channel, ensure that the payment details are updated in the Roku account.
  • Ensure whether you have properly logged-in and linked the channel to that subscription account.
  • Some channels require credentials from cable or satellite TV provider’s account.
  • In such cases contact the cable providers and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Issues like unable to play videos on one channel, but able to play videos from other channels mostly be channels problem, so contact the channels customer support for resolving the issues.

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