What to do If Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause?

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Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause

Roku is always updating their devices with the state of the art features to improve the user experience. Among these fascinating features, Live TV Pause is an option, which let the users to pause the live broadcasting programs up to 90 minutes. This option is possible when using the antenna or connecting the cable TV without any set-top box. The live telecast program can be paused by plugging in a 16 GB USB flash drive to the Roku TV. So if you miss an important scene during the live telecast, simply rewind it to get the scene.

What to do If Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause?

What to do If Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause?

Live TV Pause

With 16 GB storage input, the live TV program can be recorded up to 90 minutes. But you cannot record more than that time by plugging USB storage more than 16 GB. So to pause a program, tap the play/pause key in your Roku remote. You can also tap the rewind button on your remote to reverse the current channel program up to 90 minutes. When you switch to any other channel, or turning off the TV device, then the program will be lost at where you paused.


USB 2.0 compatible flash drive with a minimum storage of 16 GB is a necessary one for this live TV pause option. And note one thing that by inserting the flash drive, live TV Pause will completely reformat the USB storage and all the data will be deleted. So make sure you are using a flash drive with zero data or transfer your required data before the usage.

If the Roku device has only single USB port, then alternate USB port is necessary for live TV pause and to play other media.

If the Roku device has multiple USB ports, use any one port for the live TV pause option. And, during the reformatting process, insert only one flash drive with the Roku device. After formatting, you can plug another USB flash drive to the device.

This live pause option is meant only for rewind and pause the program only. By using this option, the program cannot be recorded for any other future use, and also the file cannot be transferred from the flash drive.

What to do If Video is Black While Using Live TV Pause?

Sometimes, while using this live TV pause option errors may arise, like you may not receive the video content properly and video will be blocky or black while playing. Following are some of the reasons for this Roku error.

Weak signal

As the program is a live broadcasting one, the program will play in a good quality only if the signal is strong. Poor signal strength due to the device issues or environmental conditions may result in buffering of video contents. You can check your signal strength by pressing the OK button on your Roku remote, the number of bars showing represents the signal strength. You can improve the strength by altering the position of the antenna.

Defect in USB drive

Check your flash drive and USB port is a defect-free or not. USB drive should be tested in the Roku device during formatting process. Any defects can lead to troubles in recording the program and playback options.

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